Certification Program Retest

The Asphalt Institute offers an online retesting for both the NBTC and NETC written exams. Each student is eligible for one retest after completing the certification course. Retests must be completed within six months of the date exam scores are posted.

If the minimum score is not met, students must wait six months and attend the certification program again in order to attempt certification. This applies for both the NBTC and NETC programs.

Exam Fees:

The cost for retaking the exam is $100.00. Payment is required by credit card when registering online.

Exam Rules:

  1. The NBTC and NETC exams are both open book. You may refer to your book or any notes you have taken during the course.
  2. The use of cell phones, cameras or other recording devices during the exam is not permitted.

Checklist for Online Retest:

  • Internet Connection
  • Webcam
  • Microphone

When preparing for the retest, you may request the instructor to arrange one-on-one time to discuss your initial exam score. Please contact Mike Beavin at mtbeavin@asphaltinstitute.org.

Below are available dates for online retests. Please select a date and register online. After registering, a confirmation email and instructions for the retest will be emailed to you.

Upcoming Retest Dates:

Dates Times Location Registration