Re-refined Engine Oil Bottom

The Asphalt Institute’s Technical Advisory Committee has formed a task force on re-refined engine oil bottoms (REOB), also known as Vacuum Tower Asphalt Extender (VTAE). The objectives of this REOB task force are to:

  • Learn more about REOB/VTAE materials, processing, effects/benefits when blended in asphalt and best practices.
  • Recommend a course of action for Asphalt Institute that could include sponsoring a symposium, conducting research and/or developing information and guidance on REOB modification that may be similar to IS-220 for PPA modification.

Toward those objectives, the task force has developed this repository of REOB/VTAE information and wanted to share it with industry.

Published Papers

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Future Research

Presentations at Expert Task Group Meetings

Presentations from past FHWA Asphalt Mix and Asphalt Binder Expert Task Group (ETG) meetings are now available at

The following ETG meetings had serveral REOB related presentations by the individuals shown in parenthesis, which can be downloaded from the site above:

  • Sept 2015 Binder ETG (Buncher, Reinke, Gibson [2], Rowe, D’Angelo, Mohammad)
  • April 2015 Binder ETG (Ahearn [2], Bennert, Buncher, Gibson, Mogawer, Mohanmmad, Planche, Reinke)
  • Sept 2014 Mix ETG (Buncher, D’Angelo et al, Gibson, Ryan et al)

Presentations at Other Public Industry Meetings

REOB Manufacturers Info