Longitudinal Joint Information

With the overall goal being to improve longitudinal joint performance nationwide, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Asphalt Institute recently completed an effort to review past studies and research and to examine current state-of-the-practice for both specifying and constructing longitudinal joints. The purpose was not to do additional research, but rather evaluate what had already been done and search for consensus on best practices in order to develop recommendations.

Steps included:

  • FHWA survey to their state Division Offices.
  • Comprehensive review of existing literature and research.
  • Identify areas where there is consensus and areas where there is not.
  • Focused interviews with 19 recognized paving experts and contractors.
  • Visit select State DOTs and their contractors that have been pro-active.

The project has been completed and half-day workshops are now being offered around the U.S. to share the findings with personnel involved in constructing and specifying asphalt pavement. These workshops, taught by AI engineers are available free of charge to State Transportation Agencies by contacting the FHWA Resource Center through their FHWA Division Office Pavement Engineer. Below is a list of downloadable products/documents covering this effort and its findings.

Longitudinal Joint Workshops (2012 – 2016):

      78 Workshops presented to over 7,000 Attendees.  

Last updated July 2016


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